What People Say

Hiring The Home Project has literally changed the way I live. My pantry, kitchen and laundry room are all so beautiful, I can't even believe it's my house! After countless times of trying to organize on my own, I realized I needed help. Kelly and Errin are incredibly efficient and found gorgeous, unique organizing items that totally fit my style while staying within my budget. They even managed to beautifully repurpose baskets and other items from my home to help the process. What would have taken me months of back and forth shopping and returning, agonizing over to many options, took only two afternoons with The Home Project. I am so grateful for their help, and I would hire them 1,000 times over. For the first time in years, I can find everything in my house with ease, and it feels amazing!! 


Scottsdale, Arizona

This Spring we moved into to new home and hired The Home Project to organize and beautify the oversized, yet seemingly crowded, boring pantry. Kelly and Errin came to the house and did a consultation. Their survey including questions about lifestyle of our family, style envisioned/design/ organization, budget and functionality of the overall space. They took multiple measurements, several pictures and a week later they came back to 'install' the new composition of the pantry. I was amazed by the efficiency of their plan and the diligence of the work. The pantry is now a showcase, not only is it visually pleasing, but everything is categorized, labeled and has a layout that makes it easy to keep it organized and stress-free. Visitors to our home stop and do a double take at the pantry, commenting on how they are 'so jealous'! I would highly recommend The Home Project to anyone seeking home organization and planning help with spaces, big or small.


Gilbert, Arizona